Thursday, 2 January 2014

Painting Points System: 2014

Painting Points System: 2014

Last year I adopted a new way to encourage my painting progress. Like a lot of people out there, when it comes to adding a little paint, it seems to get sidelined and other modelling projects are started, new models are purchased and before you know it, one is fielding a half painted army with more painting jobs left to do than one would like to look at.

The idea behind the Painting Points System, is to help keep on top of the painting while adding money into a hobby fund to spend on more models. i.e. paint a model, which in turn gives points to convert into money that then gets spent on new models, it's that simple. Below you will find my Painting Points System for 2014 and a few examples, feel free to adopt your own methods or even use this one. I will be tracking my Painting Points on the site to help give me extra motivation and maybe inspire others.

The Painting Points System for 2014

The idea is really simple, every model painted will earn a pre-determined amount of points as detailed below.

Basic Points:

25mm base = 1 pt.
40mm base = 2 pts.
60mm base = 5 pts.
Monstrous Creature = 10 pts.
Small Vehicle = 15 pts.
Large Vehicle = 20 pts.
Flyer = 25 pts.
Terrain Feature = 10 - 20 pts.
Superheavy Tank / Flyer = 40 - 50 pts. (depending on size)
Titan = 60 pts. + 20 pts for each weapon.

Bonus Points:

Character + 2 pts.
Extra Options + 0.5 pts. per option.
Based Model + 0.5 pts. per model.
New Technique Attempted + 5 pts. (one-time bonus)
Transfers / Unit Markings + 1 pt. per unit.
Weathering (Battle Damage) + 1 pt. per unit.
Weathering (Dirt and Grime) + 1 pt. per unit.
Gore (blood and guts etc.) + 1pt. per unit.
Completed Unit + 2 pts. per unit.

So this is my Painting Points System (PPS), As I said before, to really get me motivated every point will be turn into £1 to go into my hobby fund, this means that I will also need to make some scratch built terrain / scenery to make up the points. Apart from birthday presents or extreme saving this will be my only source of revenue to buy more models with.


Example I
A completed unit of 5 Space Marines that have been based and transfers added would earn 10.5 points giving me £10.50 for my hobby fund. Obviously this is great but to purchase something better I would need to make a small piece of terrain / scenery to give me an extra 10 points totalling to £20.50.
Example II
12 Kroot (that I have had for years), if painted and based would earn 20 points adding £20.00 to the hobby fund.
Example III
A completed Razorback with Transfers  and both types of Weathering would earn 20 points adding £20.00 to the hobby fund.

So why not give it a go and see how big you can get your hubby fund. Please share this with as many people as possible and put an end to the unpainted model on the tabletop!

~ When the High Lords of Terra call the Imperial Tithe will be paid ~


  1. I really like this idea, I will probably take that and add the value of point I found interesting. Really well done sire

    1. I am glad you like it and hope you have fun using it.

  2. That is a really good idea for motivation. I like the idea of the rewards at the end! Thanks so much for sharing :)

    1. No problem, I intend to paint even more this year and hopefully complete my collection of models. Thanks.